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The Katmeister who adores

Katmeister began drawing at an early age and her passion for art, design, illustration, and photography accompanies her throughout her life. Katmeister excelled in honours-level fine art and design classes during her formative years, and in her post-secondary years she graduated in Design program with honours standing. 

Presently Katmeister is a freelance designer and photographer; meanwhile her primary profession focuses on safety, well-being, and advocacy of children and youth. Her future goal is to upgrade her design skills by graduating in Masters Degree: either in Game Design, Product Design or Illustration Design.

Katmeister's vision for the creative aspect of her life journey is to combine her knowledge in the design and children profession, and continuing her journey to support children by publishing quality young children illustration media and print programmes, as well as instructing adults in how to support children using various creative mediums. She is currently involved in a game design project with game rollout TBA in 2019.

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